Gr Sprenger Engineering
Continuous Solids Sampler

FAQs for GRSEI Solids Samplers

Pluggage and bridging are specifically designed to be prevented in all GRSEI Samplers. First, there is noproduct hold-up inside the sampler. The process material flows through the sampler, just as it flowsthrough the process piping. Second, the cross sectional area of the annular space between the shell andthe top cone is 25% larger than the cross sectional area of the inlet pipe. Third, the width of the annulusand the width of the sample collection chutes are determined from the characteristics of the processmaterial. Finally, the construction of the collection chutes features flared side walls which make bridgingvirtually impossible because the flow path gets ever larger as the material slides down the collectionchute.

Size Range
Standard models range from 4" to 12" inlet diameter. Custom designs are available outside this range.

Flow Rates
Typical flows range from a few hundred pounds per hour to over 250 tons per hour. Since the sampler isinstalled as an integral part of the vertical pipe or chute, it is built to handle whatever flows normally in theline.

Sample Quality
There are several unique features of our sampling technology. First, the sample fraction remainsconstant and proportional to the flow, even if the flow rate of the process stream varies. Second, thesample is collected in iso-kinetic conditions so that the speed of the sampled material is identical thespeed of the process stream. Third, the sample is collected under equalized pressure conditions, whicheliminates sample quality problems caused by blow-back created by displaced air. Fourth, the sampled iscollected under continuous flow conditions, which precludes the formation of a pile in or on the collectors.This prevents errors caused by segregation and large particle roll-off from the collected sample. Samplefractions generally range from 0.015% to 0.04% depending on the process and customer needs. Custommodels have been designed for as high as 5.0% and as low as 0.007% of process stream flow.

Adjustable Sample Fraction
GRSEI Samplers are designed with optional removable first-stage collection chutes which may bechanged with no special tools. In this way the sampler may be configured to collect an incrementallysmaller or larger sample as required by step changes in production rates or batch sizes.

There are no lubricants, shaft seals or flexible joints. We have samplers operating above 400F. Usuallythe unit is built from the same material as the process piping so that temperature limits of the sampler areadequate.

Materials of Construction
Each sampler is built according to customer specifications for materials of construction. Standard modelsare available in mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Other materials are used as indicated by thespecific process application.

Special materials are used when high abrasion is a concern. Some models have refractory componentsto withstand both high temperature and abrasion conditions. Other models incorporate AR steel plate orceramic for high-wear points.

Since there are no moving parts or electronic devices; GRSEI Samplers are virtually maintenance free.Each first-stage sample collection chute is accessible through standard covered openings in the uppertransition piece. First-stage chutes are replaceable without special tools and without removing thesampler from the process line. Second stage chutes are also replaceable as an option.

The sampler is inserted in the vertical process line as a spool piece. Installation costs are minimal sinceno electric, pneumatic or hydraulic components are involved. Additional mechanical support is rarelyrequired. Typically, the sampler is easily supported by the process line and existing line supports