Gr Sprenger Engineering Case Histories

Case History:
Herbal Rosemary Biomass Sampler Sprenger Continuous Solids Sampler

Sampling Bulk Rosemary Biomass for FDA QA Requirements

Hauser, Inc., a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products from natural biomass sources, operates a process that uses Rosemary as a source material. The dry finished product is an herbal supplement used as an anti-oxidant marketed as Rose-Ox ®. The incoming material, Rosemary leaves (or needles) is delivered in 100 lb bags and transferred to gaylord boxes. Manual sampling of the Rosemary needles from either bagged or boxed material was labor intensive and repeatability was difficult to achieve.

A Sprenger Continuous Solids Sampler was designed as an integral part of the transfer station. As each bag is emptied, all of the contents of the bag pass through the sampler. A small composite fraction of each bag is collected as the gaylord box is filled so that the required 1lb. sample is obtained for each 500 lb of Rosemary needles. The resultant operation eliminates manual sample collection and provides a dependable composite sample of all incoming biomass for QA release. This sampler was installed in June 1997 and continues to operate successfully.