Gr Sprenger Engineering Case Histories

Case History:
Industrial Mill

High Temperature Application

Dow Corning operates a milling unit for silica materials. The mill circuit operates at temperatures above 450 degrees Farenheight. The particulate size of the material is a nominal 1000 micron. Conventional sampling equipment was known to be unacceptable due to the severe conditions of high temperature and high abrasion. Reciprocating samplers incorporate lubricants and elastomers as well as moving parts that would present inordinate maintenance problems. A sample collection device was needed in order to monitor the operation of the mill performance with respect to partical size distribution and milling rate.

A Sprenger Continuous Solids Sampler was installed in the mill circuit. The configuration allowed for the main stream to be routed either through the sampler or through bypass piping around the sampler. The sample delivery rate was specified to be 0.06 % of the main stream flow. This unit was delivered in January of 1997 and continues to operate successfully.