Model LS-1 Sampler

Model LS-2 is our Laboratory Splitter. Its once-through operation produces the most accurate product samples available.


The entire product bag or field sample is placed into the hopper. Then the slide valve is opened. All of the hopper contents flow through the splitter. The solids stream enters through the top of the sampler then flows over the first stage distribution cone which changes the stream into an annular or ring-shaped flow. The sample collection chute (shown in blue) takes a slice of the annular flow, then drops this first stage sample directly onto the second stage collector. The second stage operates in the same way. The result is a small, continuously collected, composite sample collected proportional to the flow.

Features and Benefits

Continuous sample collection means that all of the material that flows through the sampler gets sampled. No portion of the flow is excluded from being sampled because the sampler is always on.

Proportional to Flow means that the sampling fraction is fixed so that, if the flow rate changes, no bias is created.

Pressure Balanced sampling means that the sample collection, reduction and delivery are carried out under the same pressure as the process line which eliminates errors caused by reverse air flow created by rapid solids displacement of air in the sample receiver.

Iso-Kinetic sampling means that the velocity of the sampled solids is identical to the velocity of the solids in the process stream. This eliminates bias, regarding fines, that can be created by differential air flow velocities.

No Moving Parts makes the Model LS-2 a very dependable and robust splitter that is less expensive to install, operate and maintain. There are no lubricants, elastomers, bearings, bushings, augers or pistons to wear out or jam. Installation requires no electrical, instrument or compressed air infrastructure.


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