Model PSC Pneumatic Sampler

Model PSC Pneumatic Sampler


Primary collector is installed in the process line. As material passes through primary collector, the suspended double cone changes the flow into an annular pattern. Total cross sectional area of annulus is the same as the conveying line to minimize pressure drop and maintain suspension of product. A nominal 2% fraction of the flow is collected from the primary and routed to the secondary splitter. The secondary splitter collects a nominal 2% of its flow which drops into the final separator. Separator is fitted with a filter and eductor to maintain iso-kinetic, pressure balanced conditions. The venturi eductor at the base of the secondary collector controls the primary collection rate and provides the means of returning the balance of material from the secondary to the conveying line. Pressure compensation accommodates vacuum or pressure conditions.

Iso-Kinetic - Pressure Balanced

Iso-Kinetic and pressure balanced conditions control the velocity of the collected sample equal to the velocity in the main stream, thereby minimizing bias and eliminating countercurrent displaced air flow.


Proportional sampling minimizes errors created by changing process flow rates, variations in particle size or other parameters over time.

No Moving Parts

No moving parts means minimal wear, maintenance and much lower installed cost.


Suitable for pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveyors.

Typical Application Data


Prodcut Flow

Collection Fraction
(varies according to application)

Sample delivery


600 lb/hr


0.30 lb/hr


800 lb/hr


0.32 lb/hr


1200 lb/hr


0.36 lb/hr


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